"This Year, like every other year, I told myself this is the year I am going to lose weight and get into shape. After going to other gyms and struggling to keep myself motivated a friend told me about Joe's boot camp. If you need accountability, encouragement and motivation, Joe is the personal trainer for you! The workouts are challenging, crazy, and a lot of fun. Yes.. I just said a lot of fun! I never thought I would actually say I loved to exercise. I am doing things now after only a few months that I thought I could never do. I have lost over 25lbs and I feel great! Thanks Joe for your encouragement, motivation, and calling me out when I am cheating! :)"

--Wendy V, Lakeside, CA


"Was new to personal training and let me tell you...it was a tough...Joe was very attentive and very motivating as I began my first session...I left his gym feeling the right amount of sore...booked my next visit for two days later and by then I could hardly move my arms...but in a good way...I knew I had worked hard and stared my road to better fitness...Joe is quick to praise hard effort and question slacking off on exercises...i highly recommend GI Joe fitness for both the beginner and the person who just wants to tone up...looking forward to my next session.

..Semper Fi"

--Scott H, Lakeside, CA


"Joe is the best trainer I have ever had. I have not only seen results but haven't spent thousands upon thousands of dollars. His workouts are enjoyable while still being challenging. Joe strives to make his clients happy while still doing his job.   My husband is in the navy so I know we will eventually move locations and I'm already dreading moving because I know I will never find a trainer like him. He truly is great at what he does. His studio is private and his prices are affordable. I'd highly recommend him to anyone trying to achieve any better level of fitness!!!"

--Leah S, Port Orchard, WA


"First time there and I felt at ease - wasn't l intimidated by my lack of skills, felt supported in the process" --Laura S, El Cajon, CA


"I tried several other workout options and no one impressed me more than Joe. I recently started going and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. It's been a month now and I feel great! Joe is great because he motivates without being too tough and he works with you to achieve your individual goals. If anyone is in the market for a personal trainer, this is definitely the way to go!" --Michelle B, San Diego, CA


"Going to G I Joe's was the best thing I have done for myself. Ran across a deal and thought about trying it. I had some reservations because I am completely out of shape and overweight. Talked to Joe on the phone and he assured me that he could help me. Very supportive atmosphere and Joe has me doing more than I ever thought I was capable of doing. Tough but supportive. You definitely have to check this place out." --Rhonda M, El Cajon, CA


"I haven't gone to a gym for over a year. I took advantage of a 10 session personal training special. I was surprised GI Joe was a fully equipped gym. The best part was the trainer, Joe. My first session was a full one hour circuit training at my appropriate level and Joe was so positive and motivating. I have had three other trainers in previous years from 24 hour fitness and they were not near as thorough a workout as Joe's. Guess what? I am on my 7th training session, I feel stronger, healthier and younger! I lost 8 lbs pounds in 3 weeks and I am over 45 years old! Yeah! I highly recommend GI Joe fitness!" --Arlin G, El Cajon, CA


"I took my son here because he is VERY thin, VERY tall and has absolutely no muscle - none. I was worried he'd be embarrassed about working with Joe, or being in a gym environment with lots of people who are in great shape. But this has been the best thing for my sons self-esteem and he loves working with Joe. Joe encourages him without intimidating him and my son is excited to go each time, he actually looks forward to working with Joe and having Joe kick his butt. I've been inside the gym to pick him up and everyone seems to really enjoy working out at this place - not your typical gym at all. Joe keeps things moving, encourages people and keeps everyone motivated. Great place to go if you want personal attention - Joe is great. --Cynthia C, La Mesa, C


"At 48, physically, I was just getting by. So, I purchased a 12 session Groupon to G.I.  Joe's back in April - mainly for two reasons: (1.) I wanted to better my Physical Fitness Assessment for the Naval Reserves, and (2.) I wanted to get ready for the Sheriff's Academy starting in August. Well, after my Groupon ended, I purchased month-by-month sessions. I shaved 2 minutes off my 1.5 mile run and increased my Sit-ups and push-ups for the Navy. For the Sheriff's Physical Agility Test, I had the best times in all categories against all the other candidates; 6' solid wall climb, 6' chain-link fence climb, 165lb dummy drag, obstacle course, and 500 yard run (I was the oldest and they were in their 20's and 30's)Joe will get you results. He combines weight training with cardio and mixes up the routines so your body is always adapting. I never knew what to expect next from Joe's routines and I always left the gym feeling I've really accomplished something.  Like I said, I am 48 and I am probably in the best shape I have been in since my Navy bootcamp days, over 30 years ago! All it took was 3 months with Joe.  Joe's motto; "TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME" says it all. If you want to REALLY improve your physical fitness abilities, Joe will get you there. If you just want to be hang out at a gym and be a poser, go someplace else.  Oh, and if you go, have Joe introduce you to his tires out back behind the Gym (grin)


Thanks Joe for everything you did for me and getting me to the point where I can honestly say, "I AM physically fit!" --Curt S Santee, CA


"G I Joe is the man to see if you want a great workout and your goal is to get in shape. When I first walked in and Joe said I would be running, I said, uh no, I can't run. Well this is week three and not only am I running, I love to run now. He trains you to increase your stamina with each workout and before you know it, you're running! I never thought I would be working out so hard and enjoying it. Joe is encouraging and he helps you push yourself to go further. I highly recommend anyone to come in and check it out. You won't be sorry!"-- Virginia S, Santee, CA


"I was so scared to work with a personal trainer as a 59 year old weak female. From my first visit with Joe, he put me at ease and he worked with me at my speed. However, he consistently worked me increasing my strength and endurance. Believe me, I couldn't even do a jumping jack the first morning. Within three months, I feel like a champ! After trying 24 Hour Fitness personal trainers without results, I can not say enough GOOD things about Joe! He is a miracle worker! I feel 39 years old again!

Thank you, Joe!!!" --Cassie B, Santee, CA


"I sit at a desk all day and I have let my self go to the point that I needed something different. I didn't want the usual go to a gym and try and figure out the following 2 things: 1. How do I use the machines and which ones will help me lose weight and build my endurance to both lose the weight and keep it off? 2. Why are all these people starring at me like I am lost and in the wrong place? Since the 1st day I went I felt at home everyone there was so nice and friendly, it was like a friendly family atmosphere. I have been now going to G.I.  Joe's for 3 weeks, attended 12 sessions and have both built up my endurance and have lost 27 pounds, again with Joe's help. I have a long road ahead of me, but I love going and see it being a lot better and healthier road with Joe's help! Thank you, Joe!" -- Paul W, El Cajon, CA


"I have spent alot of time and money at other gyms but joe is the best. He welcomes you in than works your a__ off. i have never felt better about a trainer, He really cares and the motivation is awesome, when you think you have nothing left his great music and motivation makes you dig deep. After you meet him it seems you have known him a long time, like a good friend. If you are looking for a awesome personal trainer look no further Joe's the bomb". --Daniel M, Santee, CA


"No-nonsense workout in a fun and positive environment! The workouts are tough and intense--definitely get your money's worth. I have been going for 3 weeks, and already notice a difference in how my clothes fit and how much energy I have. I will be going to Joe for a loooong time."-- Elisa C, Santee, CA


"Joe is AWESOME!! I HATE HATE HATE gyms and hated working out til I met Joe. He will push you to your limits and you will get what you came for...a great work out with results! After 4 years of crying about my post baby body. I am finally seeing results because of Joe and never want to miss a day of his work outs! I am never bored and the time flies soo fast! Thanks Joe!" --Veronica H, Santee, C


"Joe will give you the best workout ever! He changes it up every day so you don't get bored with doing the same ole thing. This is the first time ever that I have wanted to go and work out and am bummed when I miss a session. You will not be disappointed. His workouts are hard but they work! --Kim P, El Cajon, CA


"G.I. Joe Fitness has gotten me as close to the physical fitness I had when I was 21y/o and in the Marines as my 38y/o body is probably capable of handling. Joe is all about keeping your training intense, interesting with constant results. After a while you'll find you have to increase the goals you started out with because Joe does such a good job you've already achieved them and more, you start learning your more capable then you ever thought possible. The absolute most impressive thing about Joe is the wide range in who he is able to train, I've seen Joe train everyone from High School, College and Professional Athletes to Soccer Mom's and Retired Couples." --Michael W, San Diego, CA


"Joe was recommend to me by a friend. He told me "he is the best trainer you will ever have and he will kick you A** everyday." I was pretty nervous to call him since I was overweight and defiantly out of shape! I called and left Joe a message and he promptly called me back he was very friendly and wanted me to get started right away! I met him that afternoon saw the facilities and decided to start the next day. I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Joe was very nice and encouraging, we work arms and upper body. I was exhausted when I left! For the first time in a long time felt like I had really worked out, not this half a** stuff you would do at 24 hour or Chuze. It was a true work out! I'm not going to lie I'm was extremely sore the next two days but I went back and we worked a different zone of the upper body. I convinced my best friend to join with me. We work out three days a week I have lost 21 lbs since January and 32 inches! Every work out is unique and different and you will never get bored. The room is full of encouragement. I feel very comfortable there, and his staff is awesome! I highly recommend GI Joe!" --Amanda P, Santee, CA


"G.I Joe personal Training is AWESOME... great place to get your butt kicked ever time!!! an if you really want a workout thats gonna test you, an see what your made of.. Let the trainer AL there work you out.. he comes out with some of the best work outs I've ever had... i give this gym 10 out of 5!!!" --Ray R, San Diego, CA


"When I finally decided to get serious about getting rid of the post-baby body, I went to Joe. He takes the monotony out of working out and pushes me to a level I didn't know I could achieve. Each workout is different and tailored to meet my needs. Joe's goal is to help you meet or exceed your own goals. He doesn't allow you to slack or give a half-hearted attempt at your work out. Nothing is more intimidating and frustrating than walking into a huge gym and fumbling around on the few machines that are open. With GI Joe, there are no lines and no questions about how to use something. Joe is there at all times, working one on one with everyone. I've never been in there with more than a handful of people at a time. Everyone is friendly and fun, but there's no messing around...it's not social hour!The pricing is fair and reasonable, especially as compared to other trainers I've worked with. You won't regret trying it...the first session is free, so the only thing you have to lose is POUNDS!!" --Jenn S, Lakeside, CA


"I received some personal training sessions as a present and was not disappointed. Joe was personable, worked with my schedule and his rates are more than fair. He made working out fun, being creative with varying routines and not the same ones over and over. He pushes you to do your best but in a pleaseant and encouraging way. I saw results quickly and had more energy and stamina in everything I did. I would strongly recoomend Joe as a personal trainer. Once you utilize him you will never use anyone else." --Rob W, Santee, CA


"Joe is a great trainer !! I am in better shape at 50 then I was at 30 ! He is very personable and challenges you to do your best. His prices are more than fair and he works with your schedule. If you don't like big crowded gyms you will love his studio. His clients are all at different levels so you won't feel out of place if your just starting out or have been at it for a while. If you want somebody that will really motivate you to get fit Joe is the man !" --Carol L, Alpine, CA


"Train with GI Joe; you better get your work hard cap on, if you want great results on weight loss and toning your body, this is THE place to go. Joe works with you, he wants you to see the results of your efforts. He will work with you one on one to achieve your goals. Intimate, clean and affordable. Dave & Debby Muñoz" --Dave M, Alpine, C


"I have been training with G.I. Joe for exactly one year now. I did not get serious about my training until Jan 2009 and have lost 53 pounds to date (10/09)! Joe is a wonderful trainer. He knows his stuff and has helped me to look and feel better - I have referred over a dozen people to his facility. His prices are great and his facility is one of a kind - it is not a gym - he only does one-on-one personal training.  I work out at this personal training facility five times a week - I don't know what the other reviewer is talking about - there is only one trainer and he works with one client at a time. I have seen two people working out during a session as "buddies" (mother & son, husband & wife) - but otherwise it's one-on-one.  If you are truly serious about getting healthier and looking better G.I. Joe Personal Training is a great place to train." --Donna A, San Diego, CA

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